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  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Amedeo Benestante
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
  • Associazione Shozo Shimamoto photo Fabio Donato
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The Shozo Shimamoto Association was founded in Italy and Japan in 2007 by Rosanna Chiessi, Laura Montanari and Giuseppe Morra with the aim of promoting and supporting the artistic research of Shozo Shimamoto, not only through the production of catalogues, videos and documentaries, but also by holding some of the performances that have made him world famous. Along with this artistic production, the Shozo Shimamoto Association has engaged in a critical and historiographical study of the Master's work, as well as the organisation and management of a general archive, also thanks to the help of Andrea Mardegan working in Japan. 
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Years 80-90's

One man show organised for Shimamoto at the Osaka Art Centre.
In the same year he exhibits at "Directions in Japanese Art 1 - The 50's - Darkness and Rays of Light" at the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art.

"Towards the Museum of tomorrow - The Theatre of Living Art" at the Kobe Museum of Modern Art.

Elected mayor of the Ryujin International Art Village.
"6 Gutai artists/Artists' Union" exhibition with five other artists at the Itami Municipal Art Gallery.

Performance at the Hundertmark Gallery in Cologne.

On show at Ashiya and Osaka.
Goes to Oxford for the retrospective "Reconstructions: Avant-Garde Art in Japan 1945-1965" at the Museum of Modern Art.
Also in 1985 invited to Madrid for the "Gutai Group: Pintura y Acción" exhibition held at the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art, and then on to Belgrade at the Muszej Savremene Umetnosti and Kobe at the Museum of Modern Art.

For the "First Osaka Sister-City Festival" Shimamoto invites Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, the leading Italian mail artist.
From then on, Shimamoto would use his shaved head as an instrument for his mail art activities, taking part in the Peace Run across Europe organised by the American Indian Group, spreading a message of peace through his performance.
"Japon des avant gardes" exhibition held at the Georges Pompidou Centre where he presents his audio work.

As a guest of the Dallas Museum he does a performance on the centenary of the birth of Marcel Duchamp: a message of peace and film clips are projected onto his shaved head.

The Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome, for the opening of the "Giappone all'avanguardia. II Gruppo Gutai negli anni Cinquanta" exhibition, invites Shimamoto to reproduce his 1956 performance done at the "Second exhibition at the Ohara Kaikan" in Tokyo, adding new meanings connected with the philosophy of the Network. Shimamoto invites postal artists to send him small objects to put inside small bottles filled with paint. The large canvas is inspired by the Network, and comprises paint, grains of rice, shells, sand, and other similar materials.

Invited to take part in the "Gutai Japanische Avantgarde 1954-1965" exhibition organised by the Institut Mathildenhohe in Darmstadt, contributing ten large-scale works. A photo of one of his performances is published in "Flash Art International".

Becomes president of the association of handicapped artists, setting up the first large-scale project for exhibitions by handicapped artists. Interviewed for the most important Japanese newspaper "Mainichi Shinbun" by President Kennedy’s sister.

Invited to the 45th Venice Biennial as a member of Gutai. Performs a bottle crash.

On show at the exhibition organised by Alexandra Munroe: "Japanese Art after 1945: scream against the sky" held at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his pacifist activities after meeting the nuclear physicist Bern Porter in Japan. Porter had contributed to developing the nuclear bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima.

Solo exhibition with a performance: "Shozo Shimamoto, Gutai-Works" at the Hundertmark Gallery in Cologne.
The only Japanese artist to have his photograph included in Art History published by American Albums.

For "Out of Actions: Between performance and the Object, 1949-1979", organised at the Museum of Contemporary Art-MoCA in Los Angeles, his work Holes dating back to 1950 is chosen to be displayed in the same room as Pollock, Cage and Fontana. The exhibition then travelled to Vienna, at the Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst, then on to Barcelona at the Museu d'Art Contemporani and the Tokyo City Museum of Art.

Invited again to the Venice Biennial, on show in the Japanese pavilion with David Bowie and Yoko Ono.
In Verona and Milan for the "Show Shimamoto Italian Festival": displayed works from the fifties and sixties, large-scale installations and documentation on mail art.
At the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris, a retrospective "Gutai" collective.